In my collages I like juxtaposing, inverting, and appropriating images to create new visual gestalts. I work abstractly, arranging cut-up components with an eye to unexpected relationships. My process involves lifting images from their familiar contexts. I am always trying to overcome my own habits of vision and “rules” of two-dimensional design.

Elements are affixed with acrylic medium. My resources include calendar photos, book illustrations, and magazine ads. I arrange found patterns, textures, and fields of color within a horizontal frame. 

Both my paintings and my collages reflect a long-standing visual fascination with Turkish carpets, Japanese prints and textiles, primitive design, and patterns in nature. I like looking at collages by Schwitters, Rauschenberg, and Rosenquist; I am also drawn to abstract painters like Kline, Diebenkorn, and Twombly. I also love landscape and the fact that all my recent work is horizontal may reflect that.